Yutaka Ichihara (市原豊 Ichihara Yutaka) is the pitcher for Sakitama High School's baseball team.


Ichihara used to be Sakitama's right fielder, but due to the team's lack of players, he became the pitcher. He has only been pitching for half an year, and as such has not established any quirks or habits. He is part of the battery with Sakitama's catcher, Daichi Sakura, and his specialty is a screwball.

Unlike Nishiura's battery, Ichihara is the game-caller for Sakitama's battery and gives instructions to Sakura.


Ichihara has spiky brown hair and brown eyes, and more often than not looks annoyed.


Even in the middle of the game, Ichihara has a tendency to whine especially when his team is often seen laid-back. He will do anything to help his team win for the sake of his teammates and his own desire as well.

He seems to think Hiroki Oyama, the captain, is too soft on the team, and that they’ll never improve if he continues to sugarcoat their mistakes.



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