Yoshirō Hamada (浜田 良郎 Hamada Yoshirō) is the founder and leader of Nishiura High School's baseball team's cheering team (Ouendan).


Due to repeating a year, Hamada becomes classmates with Mihashi, Tajima and Izumi. Though he used to play baseball with Mihashi when they were young, Hamada has quit playing for an unknown reason, supposedly because of a “Little League elbow” which refers to an elbow injury caused by pitching too much when he was younger. Hamada founded the baseball team's cheering squad and recruited his friends Riki Kajiyama and Keisuke Umehara to cheer. Sometimes, he joins the team in their club activities and acts as an opposing runner.

He is shown to be very good at sewing. Mihashi calls him by his childhood nickname, Hama-chan. He attended the same elementary school and junior high as Izumi, and the two appear to be very familiar with each other.


Hamada has blond, shoulder-length hair and gray-green eyes; he is also more often than not seen wearing his Ouendan uniform. Other than that, he wears a blue t-shirt, with "10" written on it, along with red pants and different headbands.


Hamada is a rather cheerful and hard-working person, more often than not being spotted sewing the banners and whatnot for the baseball team during his free time at school, and working in order to get enough money for both his family and the baseball club.


Mihashi Ren Edit

Hamada is a childhood friend of Mihashi's, who also lived in Creaker Villa and was one of Mihashi's baseball partners. They were close to the point of Hamada giving Ren his old mitt, which he treasured greatly. Later on, in high school, he tells Ren to call him 'Hama-chan' like when they were kids, and are often seen with each other in the classroom, mostly during lunch, along with Tajima and Izumi.


  • (Addressing the fans on the bleachers) "Hello! Thank you for cheering on such a hot day. Right now, we're down 0-3… BUT… We haven't had our offensive turn yet, so it's only natural that we have zero runs right now… The game is just starting, so please cheer!"


  • He got his Ouendan uniform from a friend at work.



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