• Hello guys!

    I plan to reorganize things a bit regarding the Chapters and Volume information, as it feels misleading. For example, when I click "Chapters and Volumes" on the Big Windup! > Manga menu, I end up with a title that says "Chapters." And then, the menu entries "Chapters" and "Volumes" are apparently categories. In terms of conveying information, the menu seemed to bunch an article on what I would call "Book Information" (Chapters and Volumes) along with categories "Chapters" and "Volumes." Not only does it look redundant on the menu, it also gets kind of confusing.

    So I will rethink how this is supposed to be presented without making too many changes. I still would like people to retain access on the categories "Chapter" and "Volume" although these might be better organized through links on the main page "Chapters and Volumes" (which I seek to rename as either Volume or Book Information).

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    • Ahh... that... (so much for my copy paste and haven't contributed much in this wikia /coughs) /sweatdrops

      You may probably have to consider how the chapters are being presented since as far as I know, the numbering of chapters in the tankoubon are different from the magazine ... ?

      Anyway, once you've finalized your plans, feel free to share it so that we'll be able to consider it ... uhm, 'they'? /looks away from the bureaucrats XD

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    • Hello! It's been a while! ^_^

      The main point of the reorganization is to make clear how things are organized and what sort of information we really are referring to.

      Even more to the point that you have brought up: The chapters in the tankoubons and the chapters coming from the magazine *are* different. This only strengthens the point that a distinction should be made.

      The menus and the pages should be able to show us *exactly* what it is referring to. As far as I can see here, the materials in the wiki mainly point to the tankoubon chapters rather than the magazine chapters.

      Honestly, I have not been thinking much about this as I have been finishing some school requirements. (oof) But maybe I will have more time to consider things these days.

      Thanks for the response!

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