Takehiko Aoki (青木毅彦 Aoki Takehiko) is the shortstop and cleanup hitter for Tosei High School's baseball team.


Aoki used to be the third baseman and the eighth batter of Tosei's baseball team when he was a freshman, and subsequently was the only first year who joined the team in Koshien. Starting from his second year he becomes the cleanup hitter, most likely due to his skill as a power hitter.


Aoki has buzz-cut hair and sharp cheekbones.


During the selection ceremony, Aoki looks down on Nishiura after learning that this will be their first ever tournament[1]. He even suggests using the reserves during the match, and soon afterwards he, along with the rest of the team, got reprimanded by their captain Kawai for underestimating their opponent.

Skills Edit

Aoki swings fast and is a powerful power hitter, which makes up for his low batting average. He easily hits Mihashi’s slow ball outside the ballpark, something that other batters typically struggle with due to the low momentum from Mihashi’s pitching.


Tosei High School Baseball Team Edit

Like the rest of the team, Aoki respects the team captain Kawai and shares a certain amount of fear against their coach.


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