Shintarō Nishihiro (西広 辰太郎 Nishihiro Shintarō) is one of Nishiura High School's baseball team's reserve players.


Unlike his teammates, Nishihiro is a beginner in baseball as he used to be a track-and-field member in middle school. In his third year of middle school, he read a manga about baseball by chance and thought of trying out the sport. He felt reluctant as he thought that it would be too late to try but was still eager to do it. On his conversation with his fellow classmate, Oki, he decided to enter the baseball club, and later, he was deeply in love with the sport.

In official matches, Nishihiro acts as the third base coach and reserve outfielder.


Nishihiro has short-medium green-ish black hair, and green eyes to match. He is more often than not seen wearing either the school's or the baseball club's uniform.


Nishihiro is considered to be one of the smartest first years at school because he never has to study for tests and still gets high marks.


Younger Sister Edit

Nishihiro appears to have a close relationship with his younger sister, as he is seen playing with her when at home.


  • Nishihiro likes white girls.



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