Shingo Shimazaki (島崎 慎吾, Shimazaki Shingo) is the second baseman of Tosei High School's baseball team.


Similar to Kawai, Shingo witnessed his team lost their first match in the Summer Tournament during his freshman year. Yet, he still has to be reminded by Kawai not to repeat the same mistake made by their seniors who underestimated their opponents.

Appearance Edit

Shimazaki has sandy-coloured hair and hooded brown eyes.


Shimazaki is very confident of his skills as a baseball player and the rest of the regulars of his team, which led to him blurting out that it is hard not to go easy on Nishiura before the start of their match, much to the chagrin of his team's catcher Kawai. Despite saying such statement though, he still dedicated his all to their match with Nishiura.

Skills Edit

Abe considers Shimazaki to be the best batter of Tosei despite his statistics. Momoe also praises his skill in fielding as he managed to turn what was supposed to be a base hit from Mizutani into a double play for Tosei[1].


Kawai Kazuki Edit

He appears to have an easy-going relationship with Kawai. While Shimazaki and the entire team got reprimanded from Kawai for underestimating Nishiura in the selection period, Kawai did not seem to mind so much when Shimazaki said a similar statement again when it is only between the two of them. Kawai also discusses about Mihashi’s off-putting pitches with him, and together they try to figure out the tricks behind them.


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