Shōji Suyama (巣山 尚治 Suyama Shōji) is Nishiura High School's baseball team's shortstop, as well as the oldest among the club's members.


Not much has been revealed on Suyama's baseball career, but he has been dubbed the Most Fashionable among the Nishiura baseball team members. Even though he does not have any pocket money to buy clothes, he wears clothes with pretty colors.

Suyama loves to cook, which has started back in middle school. He recently became interested in baking and in making Japanese cuisine-like food. Sometimes, he shares his side dishes in his obento with the rest of the members.


Suyama shaves his head, and has gray-ish green eyes. He is more often than not seen wearing the school's or baseball club's uniforms. He also wears clothes with pretty colors.


Suyama appears to be quite level-headed, and somewhat wise, like the time he made Sakaeguchi calm down before an at-bat during the match against Tosei.

He is generally more quiet and less rambunctious than his teammates; however, he reacted strongly to a particular brand of protein powder being supplied as a prize by Coach Momoe, having tried it before and declaring it to be so horrible he would never eat it again.


Yūto Sakaeguchi Edit

Among the members of the baseball team, he is closest to Sakaeguchi, due to the fact that they are in the same class.


  • He takes 30 minutes to go to school.
  • He is the only member of the Nishiura baseball team who wore short-sleeved undershirt during the practice game against Mihoshi Academy.
  • He is good at drawing. (Volume 17 Omake)
  • Unlike most members of Nishiura High School baseball team, he does not have any fantasies on girls because he finds it gross. Another member with the same opinion as his is Abe.