Sakitama High School (崎玉高校 Sakitama Koukou?) is one of the schools featured in the Big Windup! storyline.


Sakitama High School

Sakitama High School is a prefectural agricultural school located in Saitama. It is 40 minutes away from Nishiura by bike.

Their summer uniform consists of short-sleeved polo shirt and black pants.

Baseball teamEdit


The team consists of only 11 members, mostly second years with their best player being a first year and a third-year captain. They did not have enough members to play in the Spring Tournament and lost in the Summer Tournament's 3rd round. Due to the amount of players quitting the baseball team, the team captain is laid back and doesn't push the team very much. Their coach does not know many about baseball and usually cannot be found during matches. They manage to gain momentum through Sakura's skills (who can hit homeruns which lead them to win).

Their uniform is in simple white and black color combination. The logo in their uniform consists of the kanji of their school Sakitama (崎玉). On the other hand, their hat is in a black and yellow color combination with the logo consisting of the letter S.

Team membersEdit

List of Players
# Name Position Remarks
1 Yutaka Ichihara Pitcher Ace
Former Right Fielder
2 Daichi Sakura Catcher Cleanup Hitter
3 Masato Sawamura First Baseman
4 Reiichi Harada Second Baseman
5 Tōru Sugita Third Baseman
6 Hiroki Oyama Shortstop Captain
7 Atsushi Furusawa Left Fielder
8 Ryōichi Kamimura Center Fielder
9 Mitsuteru Tanaka Right Fielder


Tournament Results Edit

Saitama Summer Tournament
Round Opponent Outcome Results
1 Wakou Minami Win 9 - 8
2 Iwatsuki-Nishi High Win 8 - 7
3 Nishiura High School Lose 0 - 8
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