This article refers to the assistant coach of Bijoudaisayama. See Nakazawa (disambiguation) for disambiguation.

Roka Nakazawa (Nakazawa Roka) is Riō Nakazawa's older brother. He is first seen at the start of episode 26 (episode 1 of season 2). He is alluded to in the first season when it's mentioned Rio wasn't recruited for his older brother's team.


He appears to be involved with Bijou. He's an assistant coach (the head coach is Takii) and is involved in doing a lot of the physical labour required to prepare 50 meals for the players (he is assisted by their mothers) for the training camp.

Roka used to be Kazuki's senpai because he used to play for Tosei while in high school. His number while on the team was 5, and they lost horribly. Unlike some teammates, he didn't return to hang out with his underclassmen once he retired after graduation.




Kazuki Kawai Edit

He is friends with the former captain of his little brother's team (Tosei), Kazuki.