This article refers to one of the players of Tosei High School. See Nakazawa (disambiguation) for disambiguation.

Riō Nakazawa (仲沢 利央, Nakazawa Riō) is the reserve catcher for Tosei High School's baseball team.


Riō was often seen giving out signs from the dugout during the Nishiura vs Tosei match.




Junta Takase , Kazuki Kawai Edit

He, Junta Takase, and Kazuki Kawai have been good friends since middle school, although each of them is in a different year.

Motoki Haruna Edit

He harbors a grudge against Motoki Haruna for turning down his brother's offer to join Bijou (even though he himself didn't make the team).

Family Edit

His father is a Brazilian of Japanese descent and his mother is half Japanese and half European. Both he and his brother, Roka, were named after rivers in Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro and the Cabo da Roca.

Yūichirō Tajima Edit

After his team's defeat, he wished to ask Tajima about Nishiura's training style because he was very baffled and surprised of how they had beaten Tosei, instead he ended up asking for Tajima and him to exchange e-mail addresses, which Tajima wrote on his hand.


  • One of his grandmothers is deceased.