Maria Momoe (百枝 まりあ Momoe Maria) is Nishiura High School's baseball team's current coach.


She loves everything about baseball, to the point that she willingly spends all of the money she saved from her part time jobs on the school's baseball team. As a result, the team usually feels bad that she tries so hard for them when they are trying so hard for themselves.

In high school, she was the manager of the softball team in Nishiura, and took part in all of their practices. As a result, she is a highly skilled player and very good at leading her team both in practices and when sending signs during games. However, there were no new members joined after her generation. After a few arguments, the club decided to switch to hardball but still, no members joined. She and her deceased teammate did not aim for the Koushien, thus Hanai assumes that she shares this aim with the current members of the baseball team and her deceased teammate was the main motivation for her to become the coach.

She has a dog, Ai-chan, who is thought to be a mixture of a corgi and a Shiba Inu. Chiyo often looks after Ai while Maria is coaching.

She drives a motorcycle and works in physically demanding jobs, such as cleaning the windows of skyscrapers.


She is noted to be highly attractive, especially by opposing team members. She has a pretty face and an impressive bosom, which sometimes embarrasses every boy who looks at her. It is implied that several players, from Nishiura and other teams, have a crush on her, most notably Azusa Hanai. All of Nishiura's team members were surprised to learn that Momoe is only 23 years old. Hanai counts the 7 year difference between them and wonders if that is the 'limit' possible, before instantly berating himself for thinking of having a relationship with her.


The team is very fond of her, although they often find her scary. She has amazing physical strength, being able to completely crush oranges with her bare hands (she uses this method to make juice for the team). She also uses this iron grip to punish her charges, namely Mihashi, Abe, and Tajima, by squeezing their heads.


  • (To Abe) "If you think you can handle it all by yourself, you're totally wrong!"
  • (To Nishiura)"Don't do something wasteful as to wash your frustrations with tears. Your frustration is motivation that you can use to make yourself better. Hold it inside like it's an important thing!"



  1. Short for "Momoe-kantoku". Kantoku means "coach".


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