Kyōhei Akimaru (秋丸恭平 Akimaru Kyouhei) is the starting catcher for Musashino First High School at the start of Saitama Fall Tournament. He currently forms the battery with Motoki Haruna, Abe's former pitcher and partner.


Akimaru seems to have no motivation on chasing his dreams, up to the point that his teammates are wondering if he has dreams on the first place or the reason he even stays in the team. He chose to become a catcher because Haruna told him to do it, but he seems that he would not mind if Haruna is partnered with someone else during official games. He seems to have no problems on dealing Haruna's fastballs since he loves baseball so he keeps on playing.

Until Saitama Summer Tournament, Akimaru is the reserve catcher for Musashino. He is the one who checks if Haruna is about to reach the pitching limit. He also loosens up Haruna before Haruna takes the plate. He is partnered with Haruna whenever Haruna goes to the bull pen.


He wears glasses, and has shaggy light brown hair. His clothes consist of Musashino's uniform.


He once made Motoki and Ren blush when he easily procures toilet paper from the women's washroom when Sakaeguchi is in need of some and the men's washroom is out.

He later reveals that he simply asked a lady in there to get some for him and he did not go in himself.


Haruna MotokiEdit

Akimaru and Haruna have known each other since they were babies. He became a catcher because Haruna became a pitcher, even though during their childhood, both of them wanted to become pitchers.