Hiroyuki Oda (織田 裕行, Oda Hiroyuki) is the first baseman and cleanup hitter for Mihoshi Academy's baseball team.


In the American dub, he is known for speaking with an American-style southern drawl. In the Japanese, he speaks in Kansai-ben, or in the Kansai dialect.


Being over 6 feet tall, Oda easily stands out from the rest of the Mihoshi team, besides his accent. He has sharply cut black hair and brown eyes, with long sideburns and a square jawline. Though a slugger and power hitter, he isn't noticeably bulky or muscular and is actually relatively light for his height. He relies on his long arms to be able to pull balls into the outfield.


Oda is a very focused and level-headed individual. He puts thought into considering what others are thinking and was very good at getting the Mihoshi infield back on track when they were all arguing with Kanō over not helping Mihashi back in junior high. He also managed to get a very aggravated Kanō to apologize for being overly rude to Hatake. Despite his observational skills, he is somewhat prone to underestimating things he does not understand, point in case being Mihashi's pitching. He acts as a good authority figure and kind of mentor to the team and is a great asset.


Mihoshi Academy's Baseball Team Edit

Despite Oda being a new member to the team everyone treats his with respect and listens to him, probably because of his superior knowledge and experience and his appropriate attitude. By the end of the game against Nishiura, Kanō had managed to get it into his head that Mihashi was not to be underestimated, and because of the pitchers unwillingness to give up or make excuses, Oda treats him with far greater respect and knows he has the potential to be a great ace.