Fumiki Mizutani (水谷 文貴 Mizutani Fumiki) is Nishiura High School's baseball team's left fielder.


Mizutani doesn't seem to be very skilled at baseball. He occasionally has fumbling catches, which later on leads Abe to call him Kuso Left (Crappy Left). Mizutani seems to admire Mihashi, as seen in their game against Tosei. He wanted to do something for the team and ended up scoring a run. During the Bijōdaisayama vs Nishiura game, he earned yet another nickname from Izumi - when he thought RICE was rice (kome).

Outside of practice, he appears to enjoy listening to music.


Mizutani is the only redhead on the team, and has green-ish blue eyes. Outside of practices, he is often seen wearing headphones around his neck.


Mizutani seems to be quite a bit of a dork and a klutz. He does not have much self-confidence either, due to the fact that he is less skilled compared to Mihashi and Nishihiro might take his spot as a regular left fielder. He is also an easy-going and friendly person, as noted by Shino’oka who said most people find him approachable and easy to talk to. As such, he can also be a bit of a flirt as he himself admitted he enjoys talking to girls.

He also often compliments other players on their flexibility.


Shino'oka Chiyo. Edit

Mizutani has shown to have an one-sided crush on Nishiura's manager, Chiyo, and, as the other players, has yet to find out about her crush on Abe, although he seems to have an inkling of suspicion.


  • Mizutani takes 15 minutes to go to school but 30 minutes to reach back home.
  • He, Oki, and as of chapter 66, Abe, are of the exact same height.
  • On the topic about fantasies, he fantasizes of a girl burglar coming into his house. He will catch her and threaten her that he will either call the cops or do ''something''.



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